DANRICK Industries Inc was established in may 2002 and fully operational in 2003.


Our focus has always been to become the number 1 choice of suppliers in the harness industry, leading us to be known for our high quality products.


We are sure that every employee contributes directly to our growth.

In a world of such a changing industry, and where competition increases constantly, DANRICK Industries must strive to continue being the number 1 choice of our customers for products and services.


With this double effort we are aloud to seek for other areas of opportunity that will bring prosperity to all our organization.


The employee manual provides them with a clear vision as a company and includes policies and procedures that we are committed to follow and execute.


Our wish is that every employee can make a career full of achievements and satisfactions and that they feel proud to be part of our team.












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DANRICK Industries Inc.

850 Kastrin St. El Paso, Texas 79907 USA



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