At DANRICK Industries you will find effective, low cost, quality solutions We believe you can achieve this is by Getting the best out of your existing machinery.

Machinery Reconstruction gives you the opportunity to reinstate your existing machine to its full operating potential at a fraction of the cost of buying new one.


We are capable of refurbishing your equipment to tailored specifications and requirements down to a basic tune-up.


Our production equipment consists of the latest state of the art technology in:

–5 Axes Wire EDM

–Carbon EDM

–CNCs such as vertical machining centers

–Automatic precision milling machines with digital control readouts

–Three axes automatic surface grinders with digital control readouts

–Automatic cylindrical grinder

–Conventional lathes , 1440 and 24 x 120 capacities

–Heat treatment systems

–Surface finishes such as black oxide, sand blasting and aluminum anodizing


     Our Quality Control Lab consists of:


–Profile projectors with digital readouts

–Hardness testers

–Microscope with video measurement system

–Granite surface plates

–Dial height gauge



This allow us to offer and ensure high quality parts on your machine, build and supervise by our expert engineers, as well as a meticulous quality control in refurbished or new parts




















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DANRICK Industries Inc.

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